Samir Gandhi

Samir Gandhi


Meet Our Boss; A Man with smile & lots of positive energy. An IT dude, business developer, leader with brain full of Ideas. According to him, everyone working with PIT is a family & he means it!

Being from an Engineering background, his technical knowledge have immensely helped company to boost its growth. He believes, there is nothing that cannot be done.

Alka Boriya

Girl Boss- Design & Print Media Head & CRM

Super Talented, True Font Nazi, Fierce, Fearless, Foodie & a girl with Creative Bend. She is in charge of making magic happen for clients, everday! When you hear, “Ye artwork NAHI CHALEGA!” is where you’ll find her.

Deepali Mistry

Girl Boss - Digital Marketing & Data Analyst Head & CRM

Teaholic. Shopaholic. Fashionista. Die hard Lipstick lover. She's a Girl with an eye for Details and strong disdain for poor grammar. An MBA & Google Certified Marketer, she knows how to bring ideas to life. If not Marketing, she would be walking a ramp.


Krimmy Shah

Girl Boss - Head CodeSmith

Beauty With Brain. "Not a Nerd" and proud of it. Girl who codes. Self-proclaimed font nazi. She knows exactly why her codes work and why it doesn't. With a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology, she is the one who brings imagination to life.


Pooja Boriya Lal

Sr. Data Analyst & CRM

She is a big fan of getting things done correctly. Perfectionist. Guide and True Leader. The one who scrutinizes everything that goes up on website.

Tejveer Sing Sisodiya

Data Analyst & CRM

Selfie lover with "who gives a damn" attitude. He's surely going to amuse you with his witty comments.


Avinash Mahyavanshi

Sr. Designer & Visualizer

With a head full of ideas, this guy is truly a master of creative designs and a die hard movie lover. Whether Hollywood or Bollywood, name it and he have seen it.

Vidhi Shah

Graphic Designer

Happy go lucky, confident, self lover and full of life. She's definitely going to leave her mark through her work.

Nikita Mehta

Graphic Designer

A fashionista who loves to get dressed. After her designs, you'll see her creative bend in her dressing sense.

Akshay Banabe

Graphic Designer

Crazy, initially shy, but once you know him, you know what beast he is. Well if you hear someone singing while working, you know where to look.


Pinkal Katudia


A Shopaholic, moody, crazy & lazy IT Engineer, but when she's up; she can conquer the world. Beware! do "bakwas" in front of her and she'll slam you down.

Vilas Navle


Age is just a number for him. He's energetic and kid by heart, he love's cracking jokes. There's no dull day when you're around him. His years of experience is not only reflected in his work but in his sense of humor as well.

Dharam Kansara


He's a Coder with a Smile. Whether solving a error or reporting one, he'll always approach you with a smile.


Hiya Thacker

Jr. Digital Marketer

“Eat, Sleep, Netflix, Repeat” could be a half of her life’s motto and in the other half, she makes sure to use her creative head.

Tanvi Prajapati

Social Maven

An graduated Electronics & Tele-com Engineer and a passionate food blogger. She is fearless & loves to experiment in her work.