Public Relations is the act of managing the spread of information between an organisation or an individual and its public. The aim of a PR agency is to communicate directly or indirectly with the target audience in order to create and maintain a good image and create a strong relationship with them. Their task is to hatch, produce and manage un-paid messages to the public through the media on behalf of their clients, with the intention of changing the public’s actions by influencing their opinions.

At Digital Punch, we blend the traditional public relations methods with social media, events and promotions to strengthen your brand. We focus on promoting our clients and making them seem as popular as possible. We work with various media types like magazines and newspaper editors and radio and TV producers–to get our clients’ stories in the news. We know how to work under pressure and we can answer a variety of questions including the unpleasant ones. We have a diverse client base of different sizes and industries like startups, big firms, NGOs, retail firms, manufactures, builders etc.

Our PR services includes:

  • Reputation Management
  • Representation
  • Crisis management
  • Trade shows
  • Visibility management
  • Editorial communication materials
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Hiring a digital PR agency helps you by saving your time and energy so that you can invest your brain power and technology towards improving your business and in developing innovative and unique products. Whether it is for SEO, Google AdWords, social media management, social media paid advertising, email blasts or website creation, organization and experience are crucial to your company’s success.Another advantage of utilizing a digital PR agency is that they are experienced and so they bring diverse perspectives to each of your campaigns. It is better to hire a professional PR agency rather than watching a 100 videos to learn doing it yourself.

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