Pay per click is a digital advertising model where you pay for a set of keywords that costs you each time one of your advertisements is clicked. It allows you to advertise on search engines as well as on relevant partner websites. This advertising method can be used to direct traffic to your website, and to increase your sales and leads. PPC ads can be tricky, costly and time consuming to do it yourself due to the advancements in technology and the constant changes in advertising trends. It is best if you let a professional PPC management agency do this for you. This way you have more time to deal with the day-to-day operations of your business.

Digital Punch has a team of Google certified PPC managers who can understand what exactly your business needs and devise your PPC ad campaigns accordingly in order to improve your ROI. We use real-time search data and in-depth analytics to optimize your Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns.

The PPC services we provide are :

  • Campaign report management
  • Landing page creation
  • Targeting relevant audience
  • Selection of relevant keywords
  • Ad placements
  • Reduced CPCBid managementAd campaign set upCreating Ad copies

Some of the benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising are :

  • Provides instant results within 24 – 48 hours
  • It is measurable and trackable
  • Helps to raise your brand awareness
  • We can easily change the bid depending on the Ad’s performance
  • It lets us have full control over setting a daily budget
  • It provides incredible targeting options like keyword targeting, demographics, location, remarketing, etc.

We provide PPC ad management services for the following platforms :

  • Google Adwords : Adwords is the most effective PPC advertising platform because most of the people these days depend on Google when they want to look for something online. We set a budget, choose relevant keywords, target your audience according to demographics, location and interests, create ads and set bids. Google Adwords Ads can be placed on 2 networks :
    • Search Network : In search network, your ads can appear on Google search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Play and on Google search partner sites. Googling has become a part of our everyday life.
    • Display Network : In Display network, your ads can appear on Google sites like Blogger, Youtube and Gmail and also on Google partnering websites across the internet.
  • Social Media : Social media platforms can be used to target a specific group of people depending on the information they provide on their social media accounts. As more and more people are joining the social media platforms these days, it is wise for a business to have their social media accounts in order to interact and understand the needs of their customers and prospects. We provide Ads management services on social media platforms like : Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter.
  • Remarketing : Remarketing lets you show your ads to users who have visited your website earlier. A well optimized remarketing campaign can be extremely profitable as your ads are shown to the users who have previously shown an interest in your business by visiting or interacting with your website. We continuously monitor the results by conversion tracking, PPC monitoring and call tracking. Remarketing ads can appear on Facebook, Google Search and Display Network, Instagram, 3rd party ad networks, etc.
  • Shopping Ads : Google Shopping Ads allows ecommerce businesses to advertise their products at the top of Google search results pages. The ads use product’s data submitted on Google Merchant Center to determine ad relevance and where it appears in the Google Search. Our services include product feed creation, optimization, targeting and management services.
  • Mobile Ads : Mobile Advertising is growing at a fast pace because of the introduction of smartphones. It is wise to make your ads mobile friendly as people spend more time on their mobile phones than on their desktops because of their small size and portability. We optimize your ads to be mobile friendly by adjusting bids for multiple devices, creating and optimizing mobile websites, we make in – game mobile ads, mobile app ads, location based ads (geofencing), sms marketing, etc

At Digital Punch, we create a compelling ad that combines the right keywords, ad messaging and site experience to produce sales and leads for the success of your campaigns because we believe that when you grow, we grow.

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