Media planning and buying is the process of negotiating, strategizing and buying of ad placements. It is the most complex area of the digital marketing industry. Media planning and buying is very crucial to promote your brand on platforms that has the traffic of your appropriate target audience. A successful planning and buying in this dynamic marketplace requires access to the latest research and analysis tools.

Media Planning

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” –  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Media planning is the first step towards hatching a successful ad campaign. Our process of making decisions to deliver a message to the relevant target audience comprises of the following :

  • Market analysis to define the market problem
  • Establishing the attainable media objective
  • Formulating the strategy
  • Implementation of the strategy
  • Evaluation and follow-up

Media Buying

Media buying is the process of obtaining paid media space and time slots so that the ads placed in them can be viewed by a maximum number of target audience. Our marketing experts know what strategies work best as well as where to channel the media spend considering the needs and demands of specific ad campaigns.

At Digital Punch, we provide media planning and buying services for the following platforms :

  • Google Search ads – Text Ads, Mobile Ads, Dynamic Ads.
  • Social media – Post engagement, event promotion, ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  • Display ads – Image Ads, Responsive Ads, Video Ads, PPC remarketing, PPC Audit
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

Our expertise of how to utilize the digital media channels to deliver clear-cut results provides the best possible chance of success and hence increasing your overall ROI.

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