Experiential marketing is a form of marketing that combines the elements of emotion, logic and general thought processes to connect with the target audience. It is necessary for a brand to create an emotional connection with its consumers in order to make lasting impressions through innovative experiences. The aim is to create an emotional bond that inspires them to purchase the brand’s products or services. Digital Punch is here to help you achieve this goal.

The online tools we use for experiential marketing are :

  • Blogs – They can be used by a company to share their thoughts and to connect with their readers. A Company can also participate by commenting on other blogs as well as by providing content for other relevant external blogs.
  • Social Media – All of your customers and prospects are already on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. It is only wise to have your business’s social media accounts in order to better connect and interact with your target audience. This can be done by conducting polls, asking questions, replying to their comments, engaging on their posts, hosting Giveaways, etc.
  • Email Campaigns – One way to directly contact with your customers is through emails. This can be done if you have already collected some of their information like their name, email, birthday, etc. The emails we send them can be personalised by addressing the receivers by their names. We can also send them an email wishing them on their birthday. Emails with Promo codes and other promotional messages can also be sent and we can ask them to forward it to their contacts.

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