Search Engine Marketing also known as “search marketing,” “managed search engine marketing services,” and “SEM,” includes a set of activities directed towards making your website more visible on the search engines, improving your brand awareness and turning your views and clicks into profits. The competition all around the world is increasing these days and without proper marketing channels your brand could get lost in the crowd. Search engine marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business online in this competitive era.

Search Engine Marketing was once referred to a mixture of two digital marketing elements : Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). Now, it mainly refers to Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. In Pay Per Click, businesses pay Google to show their ads on the search results page of Google where as SEO is an organic method where the websites are optimized in a way that they earn a free spot in the search results. Both SEM and SEO are equally important to improve one’s online presence. Here we are going to discuss about the Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. SEO services are provided by Digital Punch’s parent company, Prerak InfoTech. Click here to know more about our SEO services.

Are you having troubles being found on the internet? Want to improve your brand awareness? Want to stand out in a crowd full of competitors? Look no further. We will help you. Digital Punch is a leading Search engine marketing Agency with years of experience and clients from all around the globe. Our services are specially designed to improve your brand’s digital presence on search engine result pages.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click is an online advertising model where we pay Google to make your company’s website appear on Google’s search result pages, when people searching for goods or services similar to what you offer, enter the relevant keywords. Google charges you only when someone actually clicks on your ad. Search Engine Marketing be very tricky, time-consuming, and costly to do yourself as the PPC trends are changing constantly. Through our PPC advertising services we aim to enhance customer targeting, increase your Return On Investments and boost your conversions. Our digital marketers are Google certified experts who are well versed with Google Adwords and know exactly which strategies to use according to your company’s requirements.

We provide PPC services on both Search and Display networks depending on your necessities.
Search Network Ads can appear on Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps and Google Play, and also on Google search partners.
Display Network Ads can appear on Google sites like Youtube, Gmail, etc., and also on other Google partnering websites across the internet.

Some of the benefits of Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click Advertising are :

  • Search Engine Marketing grabs the attention of your audience at the right time
  • It is measurable and trackable
  • Helps to raise your brand awareness
  • We can easily change the bid depending on the Ad’s performance
  • It lets us have full control over setting a daily budget
  • It provides incredible targeting options like keyword targeting, demographics, location, remarketing, etc.
  • We can manage and diagnose performance issues
  • We can perform A/B and/or Split testings by making various Ad Groups or Ads


At Digital Punch, we understand that each company is different with unique requirements. Hence, we offer them search engine marketing solutions based on their brand values, products and services, competition, challenges and necessities.


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