Email marketing is one of the most cogent digital marketing strategies which allows one to directly communicate and enhance relationship with customers. Email marketing allows us to reach a very large and specific audience. This is because we know that the audience are the ones who have already shown interest in our business which is why they gave us their email ids. Email marketing can also be used to reach new customers, and is quick and effective way of keeping your customers informed of what you and your business have been up to.

We feel email marketing is most under-utilized marketing tool, though it gives highest ROI. To shake you up ask this few questions to yourself. Do you have a database of customer emails? When was last time you sent email to your customers? All websites developed by Prerak InfoTech (PIT) has option to collect emails from customers and it serves great tool to build customer database. Email Marketing is better than a postcard, as results can be tracked, delivery can be done in seconds and customers can respond back also. Best part is, sent messages can easily be forwarded and socially shared, increasing the opportunity for more people to learn about you and what you’re doing.

Some of the advantages of Email marketing are :

  • Increased sales through promotions
  • Reaching new customers
  • A vast number of email subscribers
  • Personalized email campaigns
  • Reengaging the current customer base
  • Increased brand awareness and brand reputation
  • Better returns on investment
  • Results can be easily measured using standard metrics and tools

Digital Punch uses email marketing for a variety of objectives like : follow ups, news bulletins, reminders, promotions, lead generations, etc. to directly reach a customized and specific group of audience. The goal of an email is to foster clicks and to drive traffic to your website. The email has to be such that it relates to it’s receivers in a way that it compels them to take an action on your email or website.

We can create and run your email marketing campaigns for you. Our email marketing services include :

  • Building an email list – We create contact  forms for your website which includes opt – in email sign up space. We also use social media platforms to grow  your list according to the products or services you provide.
  • Personalized emails – We personalize your emails with receiver’s name, using custom fields such as first name or company’s name. This makes your emails more interactive and engages the receiver.
  • Best email templates – We have excellent and experienced designers who create industry wise email templates that match your brand. We also use data from previous email campaigns to incorporate proven design elements.
  • Email tracking – We can track website visits,  leads, sales, and revenue for each email campaign. We also track the number of emails opened, the click through rates and unsubscribe reporting.
  • Testing email campaigns – We continuously do A/B testing to improve and optimize your click-through-rates. We also do some split-tests regarding subject lines, email sending times and dates, offers and promotions. This helps us to find out which email campaign works the best.
  • Be regular in communication – Whether it’s a quick announcement on the latest special deal, an email newsletter to build a relationship with your customer or a catalogue email to remind them what’s on offer; make sure you keep updating your customers about you. We work closely with you to tailor a strategy that regularly engages your audience, and we incorporate a full service approach. From the strategy to the design, the content and most importantly the schedule, we work with you on every element of your email marketing campaign. And we provide you with a report after every campaign so you have complete understanding what’s happening.

Email marketing is the most effective marketing technique by the ROI point of view. We can help you generate lots of leads or clicks from a successful email marketing campaign.

We also help you in Lead Generation

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